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The Care Village Community

Welcome to the Care Village Community

Thank you for joining out community. It's a pretty simple concept: Help family, friends, and neighbors have a better quality of life through a community of care. A time bank allows us to identify needs that we have or post help that we are willing/able to provide. It's an exchange of time for time. You can earn time by posting a service you're able to perform and then having another member accept that offer. You earn time which you can then use for your own needs. It's community helping members of the community. Upon becoming a member, you will receive 2 hours in your bank. You can use these immediately. Or you can start helping others and grow your bank. 

What can you offer? Anything! Offers are not restricted to helping a caregiver with their caregiver tasks. You could be an accountant and offer tax advice. If you're a hairdresser, you could offer a haircut for one hour.